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Try to make older and newer compilers happy

GnuPG-bug-id: 5805
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......@@ -1034,13 +1034,22 @@ void ImportCertificatesCommand::Private::setProgressToMaximum()
static void disconnectConnection(const QMetaObject::Connection &connection)
// trivial function for disconnecting a signal-slot connection because
// using a lambda seems to confuse older GCC / MinGW and unnecessarily
// capturing 'this' generates warnings
void ImportCertificatesCommand::doCancel()
const auto jobsToCancel = d->jobs;
std::for_each(std::begin(jobsToCancel), std::end(jobsToCancel),
[this](const auto &job) {
qCDebug(KLEOPATRA_LOG) << "Canceling job" << job.job;
std::for_each(std::cbegin(job.connections), std::cend(job.connections),
[this](const auto &connection) { QObject::disconnect(connection); });
d->importResult(ImportResult{Error::fromCode(GPG_ERR_CANCELED)}, job.job);
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