Commit 7eb21f1c authored by Ingo Klöcker's avatar Ingo Klöcker
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Improve accessibility of certificate filtering

Add accessible names and tooltips to the "Filter certificates" input field
and the "Filter certificates by category" drop-down.

Note: For some reason, on Unix Qt uses the drop-down value instead of
the accessible name as accessible name, but on Windows the accessible
name of the drop-down is used.

GnuPG-bug-id: 5841
parent 63d74068
......@@ -128,8 +128,12 @@ SearchBar::Private::Private(SearchBar *qq)
lineEdit = new QLineEdit(q);
lineEdit->setAccessibleName(i18n("Filter certificates by text"));
lineEdit->setToolTip(i18n("Show only certificates that match the entered search term."));
layout->addWidget(lineEdit, /*stretch=*/1);
combo = new QComboBox(q);
combo->setAccessibleName(i18n("Filter certificates by category"));
combo->setToolTip(i18n("Show only certificates that belong to the selected category."));
certifyButton = new QPushButton(q);
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