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Do not cache already searched fprs for p15

This might lead to unexpected problems during testing
when users delete keys plug out / plug in smartcards etc.
An ldap query for a fingerprint is reasonable to do because
setCard is rarely called and should only be called when a new
card is detected.
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......@@ -104,14 +104,8 @@ void P15CardWidget::searchPGPFpr(const std::string &fpr)
if (!entry || !entry->stringValue().startsWith(QStringLiteral("ldap"))) {
static std::vector<std::string> fprs;
if (fpr.empty() || std::find(fprs.begin(), fprs.end(), fpr) != fprs.end()) {
qCDebug(KLEOPATRA_LOG) << "Already looked for " << fpr.c_str() << "on ldap server";
mStatusLabel->setText(i18n("Searching in directory service..."));
fprs.push_back (fpr);
qCDebug(KLEOPATRA_LOG) << "Looking for:" << fpr.c_str() << "on ldap server";
QGpgME::KeyListJob *job = QGpgME::openpgp()->keyListJob(true);
connect(KeyCache::instance().get(), &KeyCache::keysMayHaveChanged, this, [this, fpr] () {
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