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Fix Windows UNC paths for file encryption

With Qt 5.13.2 (and still there in 5.15.0)
there was a regression that QTemporaryFile on Windows
UNC drives (unmounted Samba shares) have a bad filename even
though the file is correctly created. As the fix in Qt for
this is not trivial this adds a workaround to fix up the path name
and can probably be removed in a future version.

GnuPG-Bug-Id: T5216
parent 2cddc18c
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......@@ -558,13 +558,32 @@ void FileOutput::doFinalize()
const QString tmpFileName = remover.file = m_tmpFile->oldFileName();
QString tmpFileName = remover.file = m_tmpFile->oldFileName();
QPointer<QObject> guard = m_tmpFile.get();
m_tmpFile.reset(); // really close the file - needed on Windows for renaming :/
kleo_assert(!guard); // if this triggers, we need to audit for holder of std::shared_ptr<QIODevice>s.
const QFileInfo fi(tmpFileName);
bool qtbug83365_workaround = false;
if (!fi.exists()) {
/* QT Bug 83365 since qt 5.13 causes the filename of temporary files
* in UNC path name directories (unmounted samba shares) to start with
* UNC/ instead of the // that Qt can actually handle for things like
* rename and remove. So if we can't find our temporary file we try
* to workaround that bug. */
qCDebug(KLEOPATRA_LOG) << "failure to find " << tmpFileName;
if (tmpFileName.startsWith(QStringLiteral("UNC"))) {
tmpFileName.replace(QRegExp(QStringLiteral("^UNC")), QStringLiteral("/"));
qtbug83365_workaround = true;
const QFileInfo fi2(tmpFileName);
if (!fi2.exists()) {
throw Exception(gpg_error(GPG_ERR_EIO),
QStringLiteral("Could not find temporary file \"%1\".").arg(m_fileName));
qCDebug(KLEOPATRA_LOG) << this << " renaming " << tmpFileName << "->" << m_fileName;
if (QFile::rename(tmpFileName, m_fileName)) {
......@@ -596,6 +615,9 @@ void FileOutput::doFinalize()
if (!m_attachedInput.expired()) {
if (qtbug83365_workaround) {
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