Commit 94db3fd2 authored by Ingo Klöcker's avatar Ingo Klöcker
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Disable creation of OpenPGP keys for card keys if NKS PIN has not set

As long as the NKS PIN is not set (i.e. the NullPIN has not been changed),
the attempt to create an OpenPGP key for the card keys (which requires a
few signing operations) fails with "Conditions of use not satisfied".

GnuPG-bug-id: 5128
parent 5095a857
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......@@ -206,7 +206,7 @@ void NetKeyWidget::setCard(const NetKeyCard* card)
if (mKeyForCardKeysButton) {
mKeyForCardKeysButton->setEnabled(card->hasSigningKey() && card->hasEncryptionKey());
mKeyForCardKeysButton->setEnabled(!card->hasNKSNullPin() && card->hasSigningKey() && card->hasEncryptionKey());
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