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Use NormalText on PositiveBackground for good

To read green on green background is diffictult, positive
text might work as standalone but not on positive backgorund.
We use NormalText instead of hardcoding black to hopefully
work with theming.
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......@@ -65,7 +65,6 @@ static QColor txtColorForVisualCode(Task::Result::VisualCode code)
switch (code) {
case Task::Result::AllGood:
return KColorScheme(QPalette::Active, KColorScheme::View).foreground(KColorScheme::PositiveText).color();
case Task::Result::NeutralError:
case Task::Result::Warning:
return KColorScheme(QPalette::Active, KColorScheme::View).foreground(KColorScheme::NormalText).color();
......@@ -184,7 +184,7 @@ public:
auto statusBar = std::make_unique<QStatusBar>();
auto statusLbl = std::make_unique<QLabel>(Formatting::deVsString(Kleo::gnupgIsDeVsCompliant()));
const auto color = KColorScheme(QPalette::Active, KColorScheme::View).foreground(
Kleo::gnupgIsDeVsCompliant() ? KColorScheme::PositiveText : KColorScheme::NegativeText
Kleo::gnupgIsDeVsCompliant() ? KColorScheme::NormalText: KColorScheme::NegativeText
const auto background = KColorScheme(QPalette::Active, KColorScheme::View).background(
Kleo::gnupgIsDeVsCompliant() ? KColorScheme::PositiveBackground : KColorScheme::NegativeBackground
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