Verified Commit a4dbf80a authored by Andre Heinecke's avatar Andre Heinecke
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Fix selftest title names

The previous code would incorrectly show the context
and expect the engine int values to be fully constant and
only worked by accident for the GnuPG engine check.
parent fe5734ad
......@@ -44,12 +44,14 @@ static QString engine_name(GpgME::Engine eng)
static QString test_name(GpgME::Engine eng)
static const char *names[] = {
I18NC_NOOP("@title", "GPG (OpenPGP Backend) installation"),
I18NC_NOOP("@title", "GpgSM (S/MIME Backend) installation"),
I18NC_NOOP("@title", "GpgConf (Configuration) installation"),
return i18nc("@title", names[eng]);
if (eng == GpgME::GpgEngine) {
return i18nc("@title", "GPG (OpenPGP Backend) installation");
} else if (eng == GpgME::GpgSMEngine) {
return i18nc("@title", "GpgSM (S/MIME Backend) installation");
} else if (eng == GpgME::GpgConfEngine) {
return i18nc ("@title", "GpgConf (Configuration) installation");
return QStringLiteral("unknown");
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