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Fix building of localized string with list of imported user IDs

GnuPG-bug-id: 6118
parent 33baefc6
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......@@ -532,12 +532,10 @@ static void handleOwnerTrust(const std::vector<ImportResultData> &results)
QStringList uids;
const auto toTrustOwnerUserIDs{toTrustOwner.userIDs()};
for (const UserID &uid : toTrustOwnerUserIDs) {
uids << Formatting::prettyNameAndEMail(uid);
const KLocalizedString uids = std::accumulate(toTrustOwnerUserIDs.cbegin(), toTrustOwnerUserIDs.cend(), KLocalizedString{}, [](KLocalizedString temp, const auto &uid) {
return kxi18nc("@info", "%1<item>%2</item>").subs(temp).subs(Formatting::prettyNameAndEMail(uid));
const QString str = xi18nc("@info",
"<title>You have imported a Secret Key.</title>"
......@@ -545,11 +543,11 @@ static void handleOwnerTrust(const std::vector<ImportResultData> &results)
"<para>And claims the user IDs:"
"Is this your own key? (Set trust level to ultimate)",
int k = KMessageBox::questionYesNo(nullptr, str, i18nc("@title:window",
"Secret key imported"));
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