Commit b23ba885 authored by Laurent Montel's avatar Laurent Montel 😁

Use const'ref + port Q_FOREACH

parent 12c249fb
......@@ -469,10 +469,10 @@ void ImportCertificatesCommand::Private::importResult(const ImportResult &result
static void handleOwnerTrust(std::vector<GpgME::ImportResult> results)
static void handleOwnerTrust(const std::vector<GpgME::ImportResult> &results)
//iterate over all imported certificates
Q_FOREACH (const ImportResult &result, results) {
for (const ImportResult &result : results) {
//when a new certificate got a secret key
if (result.numSecretKeysImported() >= 1) {
const char *fingerPr = result.imports()[0].fingerprint();
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