Commit e38b5551 authored by Ingo Klöcker's avatar Ingo Klöcker
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fixup! Show all configured S/MIME attributes

parent 7f9a9ec9
......@@ -980,10 +980,6 @@ void CertificateDetailsWidget::Private::setupSMIMEProperties()
const auto ownerId = key.userID(0);
const Kleo::DN dn(;
const QString cn = dn[QStringLiteral("CN")];
const QString o = dn[QStringLiteral("O")];
const QString dnEmail = dn[QStringLiteral("EMAIL")];
const QString name = cn.isEmpty() ? dnEmail : cn;
for (const auto &[attributeName, field] : ui.smimeAttributeFields) {
const QString attributeValue = dn[attributeName];
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