Workaround very weird QFileDialog crash on Windows

Just don't use the native dialog here. The the comment for
an explanation.
parent 118d6035
......@@ -178,8 +178,25 @@ void ImportPaperKeyCommand::doStart()
mFileName = QFileDialog::getOpenFileName(d->parentWidgetOrView(), i18n("Select input file"),
QStringLiteral("Paper backup(*.txt)"));
QLatin1String("Paper backup(*.txt)")
#ifdef Q_OS_WIN
/* For whatever reason at least with Qt 5.6.1 the native file dialog crashes in
* my (aheinecke) Windows 10 environment when invoked here.
* In other places it works, with the same arguments as in other places (e.g. import)
* it works. But not here. Maybe it's our (gpg4win) build? But why did it only
* crash here?
* It does not crash immediately, the program flow continues for a while before it
* crashes so this is hard to debug.
* There are some reports about this
* QTBUG-33119 QTBUG-41416 where different people describe "bugs" but they
* describe them differntly also not really reproducible.
* Anyway this works for now and for such an exotic feature its good enough for now.
, 0, QFileDialog::DontUseNativeDialog
if (mFileName.isEmpty()) {
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