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W32: Change window behavior to always activate

This code enables a creative solution in Qt for Windows to allow
the application to always raise a window. This is important
because kleopatra is kept running and might not have foreground
window permissions when a user triggers an action through
the uiserver or kuniqueservice_win. So many windows were opened
in the background.

GnuPG-Bug-Id: T5533
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......@@ -59,6 +59,11 @@
#include <memory>
#include <KSharedConfig>
#ifdef Q_OS_WIN
#include <QtPlatformHeaders/QWindowsWindowFunctions>
using namespace Kleo;
using namespace Kleo::Commands;
......@@ -191,6 +196,10 @@ KleopatraApplication::KleopatraApplication(int &argc, char *argv[])
void KleopatraApplication::init()
#ifdef Q_OS_WIN
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