Verified Commit fbf28dc0 authored by Andre Heinecke's avatar Andre Heinecke
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Fix selftest for gpgsm installation

Treat a reported version of gpgsm just as "not properly installed"
it is highly unlikely to encounter a gpgsm 1.0 in the wild but
this version is reported as a fallback by gpgme if gpgsm --version
returns an error.

BUG: 378772
FIXED-IN: 17.04
parent 0af98568
......@@ -111,7 +111,10 @@ public:
"<para>Replace the <icode>gpgme</icode> library with a version compiled "
"with <application>%1</application> support.</para>",
} else if (ei.fileName() && !ei.version()) {
} else if (ei.fileName() && (!ei.version() || !strcmp(ei.version(), "1.0.0"))) {
// GPGSM only got the ei.version() working with 1.0.0 so 1.0.0 is returned as
// a fallback if the version could not be checked. We assume that it's not properly
// installed in that case.
m_error = i18n("not properly installed");
m_explaination += xi18nc("@info",
"<para>Backend <command>%1</command> is not installed properly.</para>", QFile::decodeName(ei.fileName()));
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