1. 05 Jan, 2021 7 commits
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  5. 31 Dec, 2020 1 commit
  6. 30 Dec, 2020 1 commit
  7. 29 Dec, 2020 3 commits
  8. 28 Dec, 2020 8 commits
    • Andre Heinecke's avatar
      Make it optional to skip resultpage for new key · 5639dc83
      Andre Heinecke authored
      This is intended for organisations who have clear
      processes to lead their users most simply through
      the key creation process.
      The old behavior is still the default.
      GnuPG-Bug-Id: T5181
    • Andre Heinecke's avatar
      Permit empty passphrase for key by default · af653224
      Andre Heinecke authored
      As this change might be controversial we both check if
      "enforce-passphrase-constraints" is set in the GnuPG backend
      and make this option configurable in kleopatrarc.
      For most people a passphrase on a key is not really required
      since the endpoint is either fully compromised, in which case
      a keylogger can obtain the passphrase or the local storage
      is secure. The wording "encrypt key with an unrecoverable
      passphrase" should also further clarify what happens when
      a passphrase is entered.
      GnuPG-Bug-Id: T5181
      GnuPG-Bug-Id: T3724
      GnuPG-Bug-Id: T4346
    • Andre Heinecke's avatar
      Try to fill out name and email for new key on win · 536ed695
      Andre Heinecke authored
      Under Windows we usually cannot rely on KEMailSettings so
      we add a fallback that uses GetUserNameEx to query the
      name and email through Windows API. This respects Active
      Directory setups in most institutions and could in theory
      be used to automate key generation.
      GnuPG-Bug-Id: T5181
    • Andre Heinecke's avatar
      Remove overviewpage from newkeywizard · 377faf15
      Andre Heinecke authored
      This removes one more step when first starting Kleopatra, the
      user is asked to review stuff like algorithm and key sizes etc.
      Which a user should not need to know about. In the spirit of
      not confusing users its better to just remove that. Very interested
      users can "review" afterwards.
      GnuPG-Bug-Id: T5181
    • Andre Heinecke's avatar
      Fix windows build of echocommand · 20341e9f
      Andre Heinecke authored
      Needs an explicit QVariant include there.
    • Andre Heinecke's avatar
      Fix selftest title names · a4dbf80a
      Andre Heinecke authored
      The previous code would incorrectly show the context
      and expect the engine int values to be fully constant and
      only worked by accident for the GnuPG engine check.
    • Laurent Montel's avatar
      GIT_SILENT: remove extra ; · fe5734ad
      Laurent Montel authored
    • Script Kiddy's avatar
      SVN_SILENT made messages (.desktop file) - always resolve ours · 62dfda07
      Script Kiddy authored
      In case of conflict in i18n, keep the version of the branch "ours"
      To resolve a particular conflict, "git checkout --ours path/to/file.desktop"
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  14. 15 Dec, 2020 3 commits
    • Ingo Klöcker's avatar
      Improve/simplify layout of PIV card widget · fb1ef218
      Ingo Klöcker authored
      In particular, use different grid layouts for the card information
      and the key information/actions.
    • Ingo Klöcker's avatar
      Improve usability of CSR creation · 86b349a9
      Ingo Klöcker authored
      * Do not set an empty card holder name; this would clear the preset value
      * Create input widgets before DN widget; this makes fixTabOrder()
        superfluous and automatically gives input focus to the first
        input widget
      * Select the preset text in the first line edit; this allows the user
        to overwrite it easily
      * Explicitly call the slots connected to textChanged() signals once
        the setup is complete
      * Remember the attribute values entered by the user as presets for
        the next CSR creation
      GnuPG-bug-id: 5127
    • Ingo Klöcker's avatar
      Connect signals after UI setup is complete to prevent a crash · 4385c4db
      Ingo Klöcker authored
      If a preset is defined for email, then setting this preset value
      during setup caused a crash.