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Commit 5f862c53 authored by Laurent Montel's avatar Laurent Montel 😁

Use remove directly

parent e25ecd13
......@@ -103,11 +103,11 @@ static QString injectComments(const GpgME::Key &key, const QByteArray &data)
// Fixup the HTML coming from the toolTip for our own format.
overView.replace(QLatin1String("<tr><th>"), "");
overView.replace(QLatin1String("</th><td>"), "\t");
overView.replace(QLatin1String("</td></tr>"), "\n");
overView.replace(QLatin1String("<table border=\"0\">"), "");
overView.replace(QLatin1String("\n</table>"), "");
overView.remove(QLatin1String("<table border=\"0\">"));
overView.replace(QLatin1String("&lt;"), "<");
overView.replace(QLatin1String("&gt;"), ">");
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