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Print key curves in subkeyswidget

For ECC the curve name is the proper way to show "strenght"
otherwise a bp-256 key is not distinguishable from a nist-256
parent bcc8dfba
......@@ -136,7 +136,15 @@ void SubKeysWidget::setKey(const GpgME::Key &key)
item->setData(2, Qt::DisplayRole, Kleo::Formatting::creationDateString(subkey));
item->setData(3, Qt::DisplayRole, Kleo::Formatting::expirationDateString(subkey));
item->setData(4, Qt::DisplayRole, Kleo::Formatting::validityShort(subkey));
item->setData(5, Qt::DisplayRole, QString::number(subkey.length()));
switch (subkey.publicKeyAlgorithm()) {
case GpgME::Subkey::AlgoECDSA:
case GpgME::Subkey::AlgoEDDSA:
case GpgME::Subkey::AlgoECDH:
item->setData(5, Qt::DisplayRole, QString::fromStdString(subkey.algoName()));
item->setData(5, Qt::DisplayRole, QString::number(subkey.length()));
item->setData(6, Qt::DisplayRole, Kleo::Formatting::usageString(subkey));
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