Begone confusing word Ownertrust

Let's make it more clear what ownertrust is about. Trusting
in the certification of user ids that someone else does.

There is a lot of confused feedback from users that thought
ownertrust would make them trust in the signatures / trust for
encryption and people are using it wrongly.
parent cad7d387
......@@ -245,16 +245,16 @@ void ChangeOwnerTrustCommand::Private::createJob()
void ChangeOwnerTrustCommand::Private::showErrorDialog(const Error &err)
error(i18n("<p>An error occurred while trying to change "
"the owner trust for <b>%1</b>:</p><p>%2</p>",
"the certification trust for <b>%1</b>:</p><p>%2</p>",
i18n("Owner Trust Change Error"));
i18n("Certification Trust Change Error"));
void ChangeOwnerTrustCommand::Private::showSuccessDialog()
information(i18n("Owner trust changed successfully."),
i18n("Owner Trust Change Succeeded"));
information(i18n("Certification trust changed successfully."),
i18n("Certification Trust Change Succeeded"));
#undef d
......@@ -445,7 +445,7 @@ void KeyListController::createActions(KActionCollection *coll)
nullptr, nullptr, nullptr, QString(), false, true
"certificates_change_owner_trust", i18n("Change Owner Trust..."), QString(),
"certificates_change_owner_trust", i18n("Change Certification Trust..."), QString(),
nullptr, nullptr, nullptr, QString(), false, true
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