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Removed erroneously set variable declarations

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......@@ -272,7 +272,7 @@ ComposerPageGeneralTab::ComposerPageGeneralTab(QWidget *parent)
QLabel *label = nullptr;
// "Default forwarding type" combobox
auto mForwardTypeCombo = new QComboBox(this);
mForwardTypeCombo = new QComboBox(this);
mForwardTypeCombo->addItems(QStringList() << i18nc("@item:inlistbox Inline mail forwarding", "Inline") << i18n("As Attachment"));
helpText = i18n("Set the default forwarded message format");
......@@ -331,13 +331,13 @@ ComposerPageGeneralTab::ComposerPageGeneralTab(QWidget *parent)
// "Warn if too many recipients" checkbox/spinbox
auto mRecipientCheck = new QCheckBox(KMailSettings::self()->tooManyRecipientsItem()->label(), this);
mRecipientCheck = new QCheckBox(KMailSettings::self()->tooManyRecipientsItem()->label(), this);
helpText = i18n(KMailSettings::self()->tooManyRecipientsItem()->whatsThis().toUtf8().constData());
mRecipientCheck->setToolTip(i18n("Warn if too many recipients are specified"));
auto mRecipientSpin = new QSpinBox(this);
mRecipientSpin = new QSpinBox(this);
mRecipientSpin->setMaximum(100 /*max*/);
mRecipientSpin->setMinimum(1 /*min*/);
mRecipientSpin->setSingleStep(1 /*step*/);
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