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Lower deprecation version

Like with kaddressbook, some new API was marked as available from 5.83.0
while it is not the case.
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......@@ -152,7 +152,7 @@ if(BUILD_TESTING)
  • Hi Luca Please create an unique commit for a compile fix or wait that I did it. And this commit is totally uncorrect as it builds for sure with 5.83 as it was released.

    Now stop to change it, I will fix it correctly. Thanks

  • See the changes in KShortcutDialog for why it was necessary. I had to lower the version as changes in the API were not straightforward. (Or I'd have just done the change).

    Edited by Luca Beltrame
  • you had lower to 5.82 but for sure it builds on 5.83 which was release 2 weeks ago. so it was not necessary. I works on a correct patch, if there is some failed on freebsd it's just because framework package is not uptodate on build server.

  • mentioned in commit 4cd82698

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  • There was an error in kxmlgui with regards to deprecations, now fixed. I noticed only after committing.

  • Feel free to revert also the change in kaddressbook as well after kaddressbook!13 (merged) is in, or I'll do that myself once it lands.

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