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Add tooltips here

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......@@ -117,9 +117,12 @@ void FollowUpReminderInfoWidget::createOrUpdateItem(FollowUpReminder::FollowUpRe
item->setText(To, info->to());
item->setToolTip(To, info->to());
item->setText(Subject, info->subject());
item->setToolTip(Subject, info->subject());
const QString date = QLocale().toString(info->followUpReminderDate());
item->setText(DeadLine, date);
item->setToolTip(DeadLine, date);
const bool answerWasReceived = info->answerWasReceived();
item->setText(AnswerWasReceived, answerWasReceived ? i18n("Received") : i18n("On hold"));
item->setData(0, AnswerItemFound, answerWasReceived);
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