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Clean up unused KSettings::Dispatcher usage

No KCM with this component name exists, the config reparsing is already taken care of otherwise
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......@@ -33,7 +33,6 @@
#include <kmailpartadaptor.h>
#include <kparts/mainwindow.h>
#include <kparts/statusbarextension.h>
#include <ksettings/dispatcher.h>
K_PLUGIN_FACTORY(KMailFactory, registerPlugin<KMailPart>();)
......@@ -80,7 +79,6 @@ KMailPart::KMailPart(QWidget *parentWidget, QObject *parent, const QVariantList
statusBar->addStatusBarItem(mainWidget->dkimWidgetInfo(), 4, false);
setXMLFile(QStringLiteral("kmail_part.rc"), true);
KSettings::Dispatcher::registerComponent(QStringLiteral("kmail2"), mKMailKernel, "slotConfigChanged");
connect(mainWidget, &KMMainWidget::captionChangeRequest, this, &KMailPart::setWindowCaption);
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