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Updating configuration chapter in docs.

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......@@ -1493,7 +1493,8 @@ dialog. You may choose any or all of six options.</para>
<guilabel>Reply or forward using &HTML; if present</guilabel>
<guilabel>Reply or forward using the same visual format as the original message
(plain text or HTML)</guilabel>
......@@ -3290,6 +3291,12 @@ modifying it by hand.</para>
space by deselecting the associated plugin module.
On many Linux distributions, most of these plugins are not included in the basic
&kmail; package. To get full plugin functionality, be sure to install the
package named "kdepim-addons" (or something similar).
You can get a rough idea of what a particular plugin does by simply highlighting
the name of the plugin on the &kmail; configuration page. A brief description
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