Commit e356dc06 authored by Laurent Montel's avatar Laurent Montel 😁
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Fix initialize boolean

parent acaf1be2
......@@ -83,10 +83,10 @@ public:
QMap<QString, SearchRule::RequiredPart> mRequiredParts;
SearchRule::RequiredPart mRequiredPartsBasedOnAll;
QPixmap pixmapNotification;
bool mInboundFiltersExist;
bool mAllFoldersFiltersExist;
int mTotalProgressCount;
int mCurrentProgressCount;
bool mInboundFiltersExist = false;
bool mAllFoldersFiltersExist = false;
int mTotalProgressCount = 0;
int mCurrentProgressCount = 0;
void FilterManager::Private::slotItemsFetchedForFilter(const Akonadi::Item::List &items)
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