Commit 1524e285 authored by Burkhard Lück's avatar Burkhard Lück

update kmail documentation (index.docbook)

remove obsolete entities kappname + package, unused in kf5
remove entities Laurent.Montel + Scarlett.Clark, defined in frameworks/kdoctools since 2013
remove appendix installation, unused in kf5

Differential Revision:
parent 3d238d1f
<?xml version="1.0" ?>
<!DOCTYPE book PUBLIC "-//KDE//DTD DocBook XML V4.5-Based Variant V1.1//EN" "dtd/kdedbx45.dtd" [
<!ENTITY kappname "&kmail;">
<!ENTITY package "kdepim">
<!ENTITY kmail-intro SYSTEM "intro.docbook">
<!ENTITY kmail-getting-started SYSTEM "getting-started.docbook">
<!ENTITY kmail-using-kmail SYSTEM "using-kmail.docbook">
......@@ -22,10 +20,6 @@
<!ENTITY openpgp "<acronym>OpenPGP</acronym>">
<!ENTITY smime "<acronym>S/MIME</acronym>">
<!ENTITY kolab "<acronym>Kolab</acronym>">
<!ENTITY Laurent.Montel '<personname><firstname>Laurent</firstname><surname>Montel</surname></personname>'>
<!ENTITY Laurent.Montel.mail '<email></email>'>
<!ENTITY Scarlett.Clark '<personname><firstname>Scarlett</firstname><surname>Clark</surname></personname>'>
<!ENTITY Scarlett.Clark.mail '<email></email>'>
<book id="kmail" lang="&language;">
......@@ -153,24 +147,6 @@
&kmail-troubleshooting; <!-- exported from UserBase -->
<appendix id="installation">
<sect1 id="getting-kmail">
<title>How to obtain &kmail;</title>
<sect1 id="compilation">
<title>Compilation and Installation</title>
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