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Remove obsolete file

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===== AkonadiSender =========================================================
* GPL or LGPL?
* what can be inline?
* KGlobal::ref()?
* KConfigXT...
* switch to using transport IDs instead of transport names?
need to implement in MDA-based sender too:
* prompt if unencrypted transport
* ability to change transport when sending queued messages
* what happens if sending is in progress when exiting?
* error handling... KMSender has a lot of KMessageBoxes
things that should probably be done on a higher level (not by the sender):
* setSendQuotedPrintable
* handleRedirections
* filtering?
* "undisclosed recipients"
* disposition notifications
* getting sender address from identities
* transport & extractSenderToCCAndBcc?
* store unencrypted after sending
* setStatusByLink (replied/forwarded)
* filtering?
* apparently the composer window doesn't use the default transport by default...
* handle case when MDA is offline
* If kmail passes a message to the MDA then it *must* be accepted. Check for
case when it's not.
===== Composer ==============================================================
* purpose of addAttachmentsAndSend?
* put codec* classes in ns KMail
* what should be inline? looking at canSignEncryptAttachments()
* need isModified
* AttachmentView:
- need to center those comboboxes... That will probably
require a delegate
- disable sorting on the compress/sign/encrypt columns
* Figure out "outlook-compatible attachment names"
* report kdelibs bug:
In file select dialog, a file containing ':'. Selecting it by itself works,
but selecting it together with other files doesn't. When it works, %3a is
used instead of ':'.
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