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Commit 5684cff5 authored by Denis Kurz's avatar Denis Kurz Committed by Denis Kurz

Remove raw pointer that was never read

In fact, mWin was used to invoke show() on it twice, and returned once,
but only after setting it immediately before that.
parent f96561fa
......@@ -148,7 +148,6 @@ KMKernel::KMKernel(QObject *parent)
the_undoStack = nullptr;
the_msgSender = nullptr;
mFilterEditDialog = nullptr;
mWin = nullptr;
// make sure that we check for config updates before doing anything else
// this shares the kmailrc parsing too (via KSharedConfig), and reads values from it
......@@ -528,7 +527,6 @@ void KMKernel::checkAccount(const QString &account) //might create a new reade
void KMKernel::openReader(bool onlyCheck)
mWin = nullptr;
KMainWindow *ktmw = nullptr;
foreach (KMainWindow *window, KMainWindow::memberList()) {
......@@ -540,14 +538,14 @@ void KMKernel::openReader(bool onlyCheck)
bool activate;
if (ktmw) {
mWin = static_cast<KMMainWin *>(ktmw);
KMMainWin *win = static_cast<KMMainWin *>(ktmw);
activate = !onlyCheck; // existing window: only activate if not --check
if (activate) {
} else {
mWin = new KMMainWin;
KMMainWin *win = new KMMainWin;
activate = false; // new window: no explicit activation (#73591)
......@@ -1128,9 +1126,6 @@ void KMKernel::cleanup(void)
the_undoStack = nullptr;
delete mConfigureDialog;
mConfigureDialog = nullptr;
// do not delete, because mWin may point to an existing window
// delete mWin;
mWin = nullptr;
KSharedConfig::Ptr config = KMKernel::config();
if (RecentAddresses::exists()) {
......@@ -1299,8 +1294,7 @@ KMainWindow *KMKernel::mainWin()
// This could happen if we want to pop up an error message
// while we are still doing the startup wizard and no other
// KMainWindow is running.
mWin = new KMMainWin;
return mWin;
return new KMMainWin;
KMKernel *KMKernel::self()
......@@ -519,8 +519,6 @@ private:
QTimer *mBackgroundTasksTimer;
MailCommon::JobScheduler *mJobScheduler;
// temporary mainwin
KMMainWin *mWin;
MailServiceImpl *mMailService;
bool mSystemNetworkStatus;
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