Verified Commit 790bb4c7 authored by Daniel Vrátil's avatar Daniel Vrátil 🤖
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Revert small part of previous commit that contained unrelated changes

parent 09f621ab
......@@ -14,16 +14,5 @@
<method name="removeItem" >
<arg name="item" type="x" direction="in"/>
<method name="addItem">
<arg name="date" type="(iii)" direction="in" />
<annotation name="org.qtproject.QtDBus.QtTypeName.In0" value="QDate">
<arg name="recurrence" type="b" direction="in" />
<arg name="recurrenceValue" type="i" direction="in" />
<arg name="recurrenceUnit" type="i" direction="in" />
<arg name="itemId" type="x" direction="in" />
<arg name="subject" type="s" direction="in" />
<arg name="to" type="s" direction="in" />
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