Commit ac142bfc authored by Laurent Montel's avatar Laurent Montel 😁
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Adapt to new api

parent 21e4dff2
......@@ -4429,7 +4429,7 @@ void KMMainWidget::slotRequestFullSearchFromQuickSearch()
searchStringVal = QByteArrayLiteral("<message>");
pattern.append(SearchRule::createInstance(searchStringVal, SearchRule::FuncContains, searchString));
const QList<MessageStatus> statusList = mMessagePane->currentFilterStatus();
const QVector<MessageStatus> statusList = mMessagePane->currentFilterStatus();
for (MessageStatus status : statusList) {
if (status.hasAttachment()) {
pattern.append(SearchRule::createInstance(searchStringVal, SearchRule::FuncHasAttachment, searchString));
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