Commit fd956794 authored by Laurent Montel's avatar Laurent Montel 😁

initialize value

parent 73dcd365
......@@ -572,13 +572,13 @@ private:
bool mLastIdentityHasSigningKey = false;
bool mLastIdentityHasEncryptionKey = false;
Akonadi::Collection mFolder;
long mShowHeaders;
long mShowHeaders = 0;
bool mForceDisableHtml = false; // Completely disable any HTML. Useful when sending invitations in the
// mail body.
int mNumHeaders;
int mNumHeaders = 0;
QFont mBodyFont;
QFont mFixedFont;
uint mId;
uint mId = 0;
TemplateContext mContext;
KRecentFilesAction *mRecentAction = nullptr;
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