Commit 03adaa15 authored by Volker Krause's avatar Volker Krause
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Fix unit test failure on Windows due to line break differences

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......@@ -595,11 +595,7 @@ void MessageTest::testReturnSameMail()
KMime::Message::Ptr msg = readAndParseMail(QStringLiteral("dontchangemail.mbox"));
QFile file(QLatin1String(TEST_DATA_DIR) + QLatin1String("/mails/dontchangemail.mbox"));
const bool ok =;
if (!ok) {
qWarning() << file.fileName() << "not found";
QVERIFY( | QIODevice::Text));
QByteArray fileContent = file.readAll();
QCOMPARE(msg->encodedContent(), fileContent);
QCOMPARE(msg->decodedText(), QLatin1String(""));
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