Commit 071155b9 authored by Laurent Montel's avatar Laurent Montel 😁
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Remove namespace here

parent 5198d4de
......@@ -191,7 +191,7 @@ void Mailbox::from7BitString(const QByteArray &s)
HeaderParsing::parseMailbox(cursor, cursor + s.length(), *this);
QByteArray KMime::Types::Mailbox::as7BitString(const QByteArray &encCharset) const
QByteArray Mailbox::as7BitString(const QByteArray &encCharset) const
if (!hasName()) {
return address();
......@@ -210,12 +210,12 @@ QByteArray KMime::Types::Mailbox::as7BitString(const QByteArray &encCharset) con
return rv;
QVector<KMime::Types::Mailbox> KMime::Types::Mailbox::listFromUnicodeString(const QString &s)
QVector<KMime::Types::Mailbox> Mailbox::listFromUnicodeString(const QString &s)
return listFrom7BitString(encodeRFC2047Sentence(s, "utf-8"));
QVector<KMime::Types::Mailbox> KMime::Types::Mailbox::listFrom7BitString(const QByteArray& s)
QVector<KMime::Types::Mailbox> Mailbox::listFrom7BitString(const QByteArray& s)
QVector<KMime::Types::Mailbox> res;
QVector<KMime::Types::Address> maybeAddressList;
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