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Improve autotest. The problem is contenttype is empty

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......@@ -157,7 +157,7 @@ void MessageTest::testHeaderFieldWithoutSpace()
// Headers without a space, like the CC header here, are allowed according to
// the examples in RFC2822, Appendix A5
QString mail = QStringLiteral("From:\n"
const QString mail = QStringLiteral("From:\n"
"Subject: Test\n"
......@@ -178,7 +178,7 @@ void MessageTest::testWronglyFoldedHeaders()
// The first subject line here doesn't contain anything. This is invalid,
// however there are some mailers out there that produce those messages.
QString mail = QStringLiteral("Subject:\n"
const QString mail = QStringLiteral("Subject:\n"
" Hello\n"
" World\n"
"To: \n"
......@@ -197,8 +197,8 @@ void MessageTest::missingHeadersTest()
// Test that the message body is OK even though some headers are missing
KMime::Message msg;
QString body = QStringLiteral("Hi Donald, look at those nice pictures I found!\n");
QString content = QLatin1String("From:\n"
const QString body = QStringLiteral("Hi Donald, look at those nice pictures I found!\n");
const QString content = QLatin1String("From:\n"
"Subject: Cute Kittens\n"
"\n") + body;
......@@ -365,7 +365,7 @@ void MessageTest::testDecodedText()
void MessageTest::testInlineImages()
QByteArray data =
const QByteArray data =
"From: <>\n"
"Subject: Inline Image (unsigned)\n"
......@@ -698,8 +698,11 @@ void MessageTest::testBugAttachment387423()
void MessageTest::testCrashReplyInvalidEmail()
KMime::Message::Ptr msg = readAndParseMail(QStringLiteral("crash-invalid-email-reply.mbox"));
QCOMPARE(msg->subject()->as7BitString().data(), "Subject: Re: Authorization required to post to (b96565298414a43aabcf9fbedf5e7e27)");
//FIXME contenttype is empty
QCOMPARE(msg->contentType()->mimeType().data(), "");
QEXPECT_FAIL("", "Problem with content type", Continue);
QCOMPARE(msg->contents().size(), 2);
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