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Fix api (it's a icon here)

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......@@ -126,7 +126,7 @@ void CreateNewNoteJob::slotFetchCollection(KJob *job)
i18n("Collection is hidden. New note will be stored but not displayed. Do you want to show collection?"),
KGuiItem(i18nc("@action::button", "Show Collection")),
KGuiItem(i18nc("@action::button", "Do Not Show", QStringLiteral("dialog-cancel"))));
KGuiItem(i18nc("@action::button", "Do Not Show"), QStringLiteral("dialog-cancel")));
if (answer == KMessageBox::Yes) {
col.addAttribute(new NoteShared::ShowFolderNotesAttribute());
auto modifyJob = new Akonadi::CollectionModifyJob(col);
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