Commit 1d9fdc90 authored by Allen Winter's avatar Allen Winter

src/iconsidepane.cpp - iconsidepane spacing between icons (for Qt5.9.1)

Differential Revision:
parent e4f80693
......@@ -211,7 +211,11 @@ public:
QStyleOptionViewItem optionCopy(*static_cast<const QStyleOptionViewItem *>(&option));
optionCopy.decorationPosition = QStyleOptionViewItem::Top;
const int height = QFontMetrics(painter->font()).height();
const int height = 0;
= mNavigator->showIcons() ? QSize(mNavigator->iconSize(), mNavigator->iconSize() + height) : QSize();
optionCopy.textElideMode = Qt::ElideNone;
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