Commit 5f0b5850 authored by Laurent Montel's avatar Laurent Montel 😁
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const'ify pointer

parent e49e4610
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......@@ -359,10 +359,10 @@ void MainWindow::loadPlugins()
QVariant libNameProp ="X-KDE-KontactPartLibraryName"));
QVariant exeNameProp ="X-KDE-KontactPartExecutableName"));
QVariant loadOnStart ="X-KDE-KontactPartLoadOnStart"));
QVariant hasPartProp ="X-KDE-KontactPluginHasPart"));
const QVariant libNameProp ="X-KDE-KontactPartLibraryName"));
const QVariant exeNameProp ="X-KDE-KontactPartExecutableName"));
const QVariant loadOnStart ="X-KDE-KontactPartLoadOnStart"));
const QVariant hasPartProp ="X-KDE-KontactPluginHasPart"));
if (!loadOnStart.isNull() && loadOnStart.toBool()) {
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