Commit b143d93b authored by Script Kiddy's avatar Script Kiddy

GIT_SILENT made messages (after extraction)

parent 641a0eed
......@@ -55,6 +55,7 @@
<summary xml:lang="sk">Integrované riešenie pre vašu správu osobných informácií.</summary>
<summary xml:lang="sl">Zbirka programov za upravljanje z osebnimi podatki.</summary>
<summary xml:lang="sv">En integrerad lösning för personlig informationshantering</summary>
<summary xml:lang="tr">Kişisel bilgi yönetiminize tümleşik bir çözüm.</summary>
<summary xml:lang="uk">Комплексне рішення для керування особистими даними.</summary>
<summary xml:lang="x-test">xxAn integrated solution to your personal information management.xx</summary>
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