Commit b62405f4 authored by Laurent Montel's avatar Laurent Montel 😁
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Fix duplicate actions

Fix regression in port to KPluginLoader

(cherry picked from commit bd9ef325)
parent a42b7214
Pipeline #57355 skipped
......@@ -328,13 +328,12 @@ KontactInterface::Plugin *MainWindow::pluginFromName(const QString &identifier)
void MainWindow::loadPlugins()
QList<KontactInterface::Plugin *> plugins;
for (const KPluginInfo &pluginInfo : qAsConst(mPluginInfos)) {
if (!pluginInfo.isPluginEnabled()) {
const QString pluginPath = pluginInfo.libraryPath();
const QString pluginPath = pluginInfo.pluginName();
KontactInterface::Plugin *plugin = pluginFromName(pluginPath);
if (plugin) { // already loaded
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