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Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/release/19.12'

parents af535648 0a1efad7
......@@ -120,7 +120,7 @@ private:
void updateButtons();
typedef QList<ReminderTreeItem *> ReminderList;
static QDateTime triggerDateForIncidence(const KCalendarCore::Incidence::Ptr &inc, const QDateTime &reminderAt, QString &displayStr);
static Q_REQUIRED_RESULT QDateTime triggerDateForIncidence(const KCalendarCore::Incidence::Ptr &inc, const QDateTime &reminderAt, QString &displayStr);
// Removes each Incidence-X group that has one of the specified uids
void removeFromConfig(const QList<Akonadi::Item::Id> &);
......@@ -139,7 +139,7 @@ private:
Q_REQUIRED_RESULT ReminderList selectedItems() const;
void toggleDetails(QTreeWidgetItem *item);
void showDetails(QTreeWidgetItem *item);
static bool grabFocus();
static Q_REQUIRED_RESULT bool grabFocus();
Akonadi::ETMCalendar::Ptr mCalendar;
QTreeWidget *mIncidenceTree = nullptr;
......@@ -65,8 +65,8 @@ private:
void setupAkonadi();
void slotCommitData(QSessionManager &);
void showReminder();
bool dockerEnabled();
bool collectionsAvailable() const;
Q_REQUIRED_RESULT bool dockerEnabled();
Q_REQUIRED_RESULT bool collectionsAvailable() const;
void createReminder(const Akonadi::Item &incidence, const QDateTime &dt, const QString &displayText);
void saveLastCheckTime();
void createDialog();
......@@ -96,7 +96,7 @@ private:
void editCategorySelection();
void slotHelp();
bool correctName(const QString &newText);
Q_REQUIRED_RESULT bool correctName(const QString &newText);
void filterSelected(KCalendarCore::CalFilter *f);
QString mNegativeBackground;
......@@ -43,7 +43,7 @@ public:
void loadUiFiles();
void loadActivePages(const QStringList &);
QStringList saveActivePages();
Q_REQUIRED_RESULT QStringList saveActivePages();
virtual QString localUiDir() = 0;
virtual QString uiPath() = 0;
......@@ -58,8 +58,8 @@ public:
KOrg::Part *loadPart(const KService::Ptr &, KOrg::MainWindow *parent);
KOrg::Part *loadPart(const QString &, KOrg::MainWindow *parent);
EventViews::CalendarDecoration::Decoration::List loadCalendarDecorations();
KOrg::Part::List loadParts(KOrg::MainWindow *parent);
Q_REQUIRED_RESULT EventViews::CalendarDecoration::Decoration::List loadCalendarDecorations();
Q_REQUIRED_RESULT KOrg::Part::List loadParts(KOrg::MainWindow *parent);
void addXMLGUIClient(QWidget *, KXMLGUIClient *guiclient);
void removeXMLGUIClient(QWidget *);
......@@ -85,7 +85,7 @@ public:
/** returns the first and last date of the 6*7 matrix that displays @p month
* @param month The month we want to get matrix boundaries
static QPair<QDate, QDate> matrixLimits(const QDate &month);
static Q_REQUIRED_RESULT QPair<QDate, QDate> matrixLimits(const QDate &month);
Associate a calendar with this day matrix. If there is a calendar, the
......@@ -65,7 +65,7 @@ public:
/** return the HolidayRegion object or 0 if none has been defined
QList<KHolidays::HolidayRegion *> holidays() const;
Q_REQUIRED_RESULT QList<KHolidays::HolidayRegion *> holidays() const;
......@@ -55,22 +55,22 @@ KORGANIZERPRIVATE_EXPORT QColor getTextColor(const QColor &c);
@param incidence the incidence for which the color is needed (to
determine which subresource needs to be used)
KORGANIZERPRIVATE_EXPORT QColor resourceColor(const Akonadi::Item &incidence);
KORGANIZERPRIVATE_EXPORT Q_REQUIRED_RESULT QColor resourceColor(const Akonadi::Item &incidence);
KORGANIZERPRIVATE_EXPORT QColor resourceColor(const Akonadi::Collection &collection);
KORGANIZERPRIVATE_EXPORT QColor resourceColorKnown(const Akonadi::Collection &collection);
KORGANIZERPRIVATE_EXPORT Q_REQUIRED_RESULT QColor resourceColor(const Akonadi::Collection &collection);
KORGANIZERPRIVATE_EXPORT Q_REQUIRED_RESULT QColor resourceColorKnown(const Akonadi::Collection &collection);
KORGANIZERPRIVATE_EXPORT void setResourceColor(const Akonadi::Collection &collection, const QColor &color);
Returns the number of years between the @p start QDate and the @p end QDate
(i.e. the difference in the year number of both dates)
KORGANIZERPRIVATE_EXPORT int yearDiff(const QDate &start, const QDate &end);
KORGANIZERPRIVATE_EXPORT Q_REQUIRED_RESULT int yearDiff(const QDate &start, const QDate &end);
Return true if it's the standard calendar
KORGANIZERPRIVATE_EXPORT bool isStandardCalendar(Akonadi::Collection::Id id);
KORGANIZERPRIVATE_EXPORT Q_REQUIRED_RESULT bool isStandardCalendar(Akonadi::Collection::Id id);
KORGANIZERPRIVATE_EXPORT void showSaveIncidenceErrorMsg(
QWidget *parent, const KCalendarCore::Incidence::Ptr &incidence);
......@@ -74,7 +74,7 @@ private:
int span(const KCalendarCore::Event::Ptr &event) const;
int dayof(const KCalendarCore::Event::Ptr &event, const QDate &date) const;
bool initHolidays();
Q_REQUIRED_RESULT bool initHolidays();
void dateDiff(const QDate &date, int &days, int &years) const;
void createLabels();
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