Commit 81a19f7b authored by Glen Ditchfield's avatar Glen Ditchfield 🐛 Committed by Glen Ditchfield
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Toggle completed to-dos back to incomplete

If a non-recurring to-do has been completed, selecting "Toggle To-do
Completed" from its right-click menu does not make it incomplete, because
`Todo::setPercentComplete(0)` is not sufficient.  This patch brute-forces
all completion-related fields.

CCBUG: 397721
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...@@ -1338,8 +1338,12 @@ void CalendarView::toggleTodoCompleted(const Akonadi::Item &todoItem) ...@@ -1338,8 +1338,12 @@ void CalendarView::toggleTodoCompleted(const Akonadi::Item &todoItem)
if (todo->isCompleted()) { if (todo->isCompleted()) {
todo->setPercentComplete(0); todo->setPercentComplete(0);
} else { } else {
todo->setCompleted(QDateTime::currentDateTime()); todo->setCompleted(QDateTime::currentDateTime());
} }
mChanger->startAtomicOperation(i18n("Toggle To-do Completed")); mChanger->startAtomicOperation(i18n("Toggle To-do Completed"));
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