Commit d5c30f4f authored by Christian Mollekopf's avatar Christian Mollekopf Committed by Sandro Knauß
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CollectionView: fixed referencing of person folders.

(cherry picked from commit 868d781e37e7b14406b6b1a62c3e04ebb5d8c34c)
parent c5003d22
......@@ -408,10 +408,10 @@ void Controller::onPersonEnabled(bool enabled, const Person& person)
Akonadi::Collection rootCollection(person.rootCollection);
if (rootCollection.isValid()) {
//Reference the persons collections if available
//We have to include all mimetypes since mimetypes are not available yet (they will be synced once the collectoins are referenced)
Akonadi::CollectionFetchJob *fetchJob = new Akonadi::CollectionFetchJob(rootCollection, Akonadi::CollectionFetchJob::Recursive, this);
fetchJob->setProperty("enable", enabled);
fetchJob->fetchScope().setContentMimeTypes(QStringList() << QLatin1String("text/calendar"));
connect(fetchJob, SIGNAL(result(KJob*)), this, SLOT(onPersonCollectionsFetched(KJob*)));
} else {
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