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Remove not implmemented method

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......@@ -53,7 +53,6 @@ public:
void addIncidence(const Akonadi::Item &incidence, const QDateTime &reminderAt, const QString &displayText);
void setRemindAt(const QDateTime &dt);
void eventNotification();
public Q_SLOTS:
......@@ -108,7 +107,6 @@ private:
// opens directly
Q_REQUIRED_RESULT bool openIncidenceEditorNG(const Akonadi::Item &incidence);
Q_REQUIRED_RESULT bool startKOrganizer();
ReminderTreeItem *searchByItem(const Akonadi::Item &incidence);
void setTimer();
void dismiss(const ReminderList &selections);
......@@ -637,7 +637,6 @@ private Q_SLOTS:
void onTodosPurged(bool success, int numDeleted, int numIgnored);
void init();
Akonadi::Collection selectedCollection() const;
Akonadi::Collection::List checkedCollections() const;
......@@ -64,11 +64,6 @@ public:
void readSettings(KConfig *config);
void writeSettings(KConfig *config);
/** Read which view was shown last from config file */
void readCurrentView(KConfig *config);
/** Write which view is currently shown to config file */
void writeCurrentView(KConfig *config);
KOrg::BaseView *currentView();
void setDocumentId(const QString &);
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