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Commit 10b31f53 authored by Volker Krause's avatar Volker Krause

Remove dead code

Both sides of this equation are hardcoded to the local time zone, so this
condition can never trigger.
parent 6d3b65f4
......@@ -591,32 +591,6 @@ void CalendarView::updateConfig(const QByteArray &receiver)
KOGlobals::self()->setHolidays(new KHolidays::HolidayRegion(KOPrefs::instance()->mHolidays));
// Only set a new time zone if it changed. This prevents the window
// from being modified on start
KDateTime::Spec newTimeSpec = CalendarSupport::KCalPrefs::instance()->timeSpec();
if (mCalendar->viewTimeSpec() != newTimeSpec) {
const QString question(i18n("The time zone setting was changed. "
"Do you want to keep the absolute time of "
"the items in your calendar, which will show "
"them to be at a different time than "
"before, or move them to be at the old time "
"also in the new time zone?"));
int rc = KMessageBox::questionYesNo(this, question,
i18n("Keep Absolute Times?"),
KGuiItem(i18n("Keep Times")),
KGuiItem(i18n("Move Times")),
if (rc == KMessageBox::Yes) {
// keep the absolute time - note the new viewing time zone in the calendar
} else {
// only set the new timezone, wihtout shifting events, they will be
// interpreted as being in the new timezone now
mCalendar->shiftTimes(mCalendar->viewTimeSpec(), newTimeSpec);
// config changed lets tell the date navigator the new modes
// if there weren't changed they are ignored
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