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Commit 4e236f9f authored by Allen Winter's avatar Allen Winter

korgac/koalarmclient.cpp - ignore ancient reminders (10 days old)

mostly this affects the first startup. probably 10 days is even too old
parent 7b3f8e29
......@@ -237,7 +237,10 @@ void KOAlarmClient::createReminder(const Akonadi::ETMCalendar::Ptr &calendar,
if (!CalendarSupport::hasIncidence(aitem)) {
if (remindAtDate.addDays(10) < mLastChecked) {
// ignore reminders more than 10 days old
if (!mDialog) {
mDialog = new AlarmDialog(calendar);
connect(this, &KOAlarmClient::saveAllSignal, mDialog, &AlarmDialog::slotSave);
......@@ -341,4 +344,3 @@ void KOAlarmClient::show()
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