Commit 964e43d5 authored by Allen Winter's avatar Allen Winter
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koprefsdialog.cpp - less clutter in holidays combobox

don't use the description for the holidays. restore
the old way of using only the regionName and language.

if any of the holiday region list entries are missing
subdivisions or otherwise incorrect it probably means
there is some info missing from there holiday file.

Reviewers: vkrause, mlaurent

Reviewed By: mlaurent

Subscribers: kde-pim

Tags: #kde_pim

Differential Revision:
parent 74503a11
......@@ -280,10 +280,6 @@ public:
label = i18nc("@item:inlistbox Holiday region, region language", "%1 (%2)",
name, languageName);
const auto desc = KHolidays::HolidayRegion::description(regionCode);
if (!desc.isEmpty()) {
label = i18nc("@item:inlistbox holiday region, region description", "%1 - %2", label, desc);
regionsMap.push_back(std::make_pair(label, regionCode));
std::sort(regionsMap.begin(), regionsMap.end(), [](const auto &lhs, const auto &rhs) { return lhs.first < rhs.first; });
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