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# KOrganizer #
KOrganizer is an easy to use personal information manager (PIM).
You can write schedule appointments, events and to-dos.
KOrganizer will remind you about pending tasks and help you
keep your schedule.
## Introduction
KOrganizer is an intuitive and easy to use personal information manager (PIM)
You can schedule appointments, events, create to-dos and write journal entries.
KOrganizer will remind you about pending tasks, record your occurrences,
experiences, and reflections and help you keep your schedule.
But KOrganizer is not only about your personal calendar, it can help you
to interact with your colleagues and friends too. With KOrganizer,
you can invite anyone with an email address to an event and process responses,
share a calendar (using a groupware server or simply a file over the network),
and share events (eg. the schedule of a championship or a conference), using
the get hot new stuff framework. KOrganizer is based on open standards,
and works with many different group scheduling servers, giving you the control
over your information and the freedom to choose the best solutions.
KOrganizer is also the calendar, journal and to-do component of Kontact,
offering you an integrated solution for your communication and information
management needs: email, notes, contacts management, news reader and
news feeds reader. Even if you do not use it inside Kontact, KOrganizer is
integrated with the other KDE PIM applications. For instance, you can configure
it to show birthdays from &kaddressbook; in your agenda, use KMail to send and
receive invitations, etc.
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