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Grab character format after the link if cursor points at its end

The default QTextEdit behavior is following:
 - the current char format corresponds to the symbol right _before_ the cursor position.
 - if the cursor is at the start of the block, the format is grabbed from the symbol _after_ the cursor.

It works well with standard formatting (bold, underline, etc), which can easily be enabled / disabled using corresponding QActions.
Note that the behavior is also the same for, say, LibreOffice.

However, it does not work well with hyperlinks. If the document ends with a link, it is virtually impossible
to start typing normal text right after this link (i.e. to reset the char format). The only way to do it
is to use copy-paste (i.e. paste some normal text, preserving formatting), which is quite frustrating.

For the same reason it's not easy to write some text right after hyperlink.
I believe it's the reason behind this tiny whitespace in `insertHtml` inside richTextComposer.

The workaround is following: alter the default behiour and take the character format from symbol right _after_
the link if the cursor points at the end of the link (this is also the way LibreOffice behaves).
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......@@ -596,7 +596,7 @@ void RichTextComposer::insertFromMimeData(const QMimeData *source)
|| sourceText.startsWith(QLatin1String("fish://"))
|| sourceText.startsWith(QLatin1String("tel:"))
) {
insertHtml(QStringLiteral("<a href=\"%1\">%1</a> ").arg(sourceText));
insertHtml(QStringLiteral("<a href=\"%1\">%1</a>").arg(sourceText));
......@@ -545,14 +545,6 @@ void RichTextComposerControler::RichTextComposerControlerPrivate::updateLink(con
cursor.insertText(_linkText, format);
// Insert a space after the link if at the end of the block so that
// typing some text after the link does not carry link formatting
if (!linkUrl.isEmpty() && cursor.atBlockEnd()) {
cursor.insertText(QStringLiteral(" "));
......@@ -69,6 +69,31 @@ public:
supportFeatures |= RichTextEditor::TextToSpeech;
supportFeatures |= RichTextEditor::AllowTab;
supportFeatures |= RichTextEditor::AllowWebShortcut;
// Workaround QTextEdit behavior: if the cursor points right after the link
// and start typing, the char format is kept. If user wants to write normal
// text right after the link, the only way is to move cursor at the next character
// (say for "<a>text</a>more text" the character has to be before letter "o"!)
// It's impossible if the whole document ends with a link.
// The same happens when text starts with a link: it's impossible to write normal text before it.
QObject::connect(q, &RichTextEditor::cursorPositionChanged, q, [this](){
QTextCursor c = q->textCursor();
if (c.charFormat().isAnchor() && !c.hasSelection()) {
QTextCharFormat fmt;
// If we are at block start or end (and at anchor), we just set the "default" format
if (!c.atBlockEnd() && !c.atBlockStart() && !c.hasSelection()) {
QTextCursor probe = c;
// Otherwise, if the next character is not a link, we just grab it's format
if (!probe.charFormat().isAnchor()) {
fmt = probe.charFormat();
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