Commit 7ebe6420 authored by Igor Poboiko's avatar Igor Poboiko
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Don't crash if activateRichText was called before createActions

activateRichText emits textModeChanged signal, which leads to
richTextComposerActions::textModeChanged call. Which segfaults if table
actions are not yet created by explicit createActions call.
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......@@ -601,5 +601,7 @@ void RichTextComposerActions::uncheckActionFormatPainter()
void RichTextComposerActions::textModeChanged(KPIMTextEdit::RichTextComposer::Mode mode)
d->action_add_table->setRichTextMode(mode == KPIMTextEdit::RichTextComposer::Rich);
if (d->action_add_table) {
d->action_add_table->setRichTextMode(mode == KPIMTextEdit::RichTextComposer::Rich);
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