Commit cb7acc27 authored by Laurent Montel's avatar Laurent Montel 😁

Add more missing emoticons

parent 64ed4258
......@@ -247,7 +247,8 @@ QList<uint> TextUtils::unicodeWeatherEmoji()
//Add more
const QList<uint> lstEmoji{0x2601, 0x26C5, 0x26C8, 0x1F324, 0x1F325, 0x1F326, 0x1F327, 0x1F328, 0x1F329, 0x1F32A, 0x1F32B, 0x1F32C, 0x1F300, 0x1F308, 0x1F302,
0x2602, 0x2603, 0x26C4, 0x2604, 0x1F525, 0x1F4A7, 0x1F30A};
0x2602, 0x2603, 0x26C4, 0x2604, 0x1F525, 0x1F4A7, 0x1F30A, 0x1F311, 0x1F312, 0x1F313, 0x1F314, 0x1F315, 0x1F316, 0x1F317, 0x1F318,
0x1F319, 0x1F31A, 0x1F31B, 0x1F31C, 0x1F321, 0x2600, 0x1F31D, 0x1F31E, 0x2B50, 0x1F31F, 0x1F320 };
return lstEmoji;
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