Commit b0166e42 authored by Laurent Montel's avatar Laurent Montel 😁

We need access to all variable here for fixing convert from html to

parent 916e422d
Copyright (c) 2019 Montel Laurent <>
based on grantlee PlainTextMarkupBuilder
This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it
under the terms of the GNU Library General Public License as published by
......@@ -22,18 +23,108 @@
#include "kpimtextedit_export.h"
#include <grantlee/abstractmarkupbuilder.h>
#include <grantlee/plaintextmarkupbuilder.h>
namespace KPIMTextEdit
class KPIMTEXTEDIT_EXPORT PlainTextMarkupBuilder : public Grantlee::PlainTextMarkupBuilder
class PlainTextMarkupBuilderPrivate;
class KPIMTEXTEDIT_EXPORT PlainTextMarkupBuilder
: virtual public Grantlee::AbstractMarkupBuilder
/** Construct a new PlainTextHTMLMarkupBuilder. */
void beginParagraph(Qt::Alignment a, qreal top, qreal bottom, qreal left, qreal right) override;
~PlainTextMarkupBuilder() override;
void beginStrong() override;
void endStrong() override;
void beginEmph() override;
void endEmph() override;
void beginUnderline() override;
void endUnderline() override;
void beginStrikeout() override;
void endStrikeout() override;
void beginAnchor(const QString &href = QString(),
const QString &name = QString()) override;
void endAnchor() override;
void beginParagraph(Qt::Alignment a = Qt::AlignLeft, qreal top = 0.0,
qreal bottom = 0.0, qreal left = 0.0,
qreal right = 0.0) override;
void endParagraph() override;
void addNewline() override;
void insertHorizontalRule(int width = -1) override;
void insertImage(const QString &src, qreal width, qreal height) override;
void beginList(QTextListFormat::Style style) override;
void endList() override;
void beginListItem() override;
void endListItem() override;
void beginSuperscript() override;
void endSuperscript() override;
void beginSubscript() override;
void endSubscript() override;
void beginTable(qreal cellpadding, qreal cellspacing,
const QString &width) override;
void beginTableRow() override;
void beginTableHeaderCell(const QString &width, int colSpan,
int rowSpan) override;
void beginTableCell(const QString &width, int colSpan, int rowSpan) override;
void appendLiteralText(const QString &text) override;
void appendRawText(const QString &text) override;
Adds a reference to @p reference to the internal list of references in the
int addReference(const QString &reference);
Returns the finalised plain text markup, including references at the end.
QString getResult() override;
bool isQuoteBlock(qreal top, qreal bottom, qreal left, qreal right) const;
void beginForeground(const QBrush &brush) override;
void endForeground() override;
void beginBackground(const QBrush &brush) override;
void endBackground() override;
void beginFontFamily(const QString &family) override;
void endFontFamily() override;
void beginFontPointSize(int size) override;
void endFontPointSize() override;
void endTable() override;
void endTableRow() override;
void endTableHeaderCell() override;
void endTableCell() override;
void beginHeader(int level) override;
void endHeader(int level) override;
PlainTextMarkupBuilderPrivate *const d_ptr;
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