Commit 720f2c12 authored by Martin Koller's avatar Martin Koller

show error string instead error number

Differential Revision:
parent 72b9a965
......@@ -149,8 +149,8 @@ void SessionThread::run()
m_parentSession->d, &SessionPrivate::socketConnected);
connect(m_socket, static_cast<void(KTcpSocket::*)(KTcpSocket::Error)>(&KTcpSocket::error),
this, [this](KTcpSocket::Error err) {
qCWarning(KSMTP_LOG) << "Socket error:" << err;
Q_EMIT m_parentSession->connectionError(QString::number(err));
qCWarning(KSMTP_LOG) << "Socket error:" << err << m_socket->errorString();
Q_EMIT m_parentSession->connectionError(m_socket->errorString());
connect(this, &SessionThread::encryptionNegotiationResult,
m_parentSession->d, &SessionPrivate::encryptionNegotiationResult);
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